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Replumbs and Repairs

At Watts Plumbing, we offer plumbing solutions for your entire house, inside and out. We have the experience and tools to properly diagnose and fix the smallest or largest plumbing problems. Whether you are suffering from one of the common plumbing problems below, or if you are remodeling a bathroom or kitchen and are installing new plumbing fixtures we are here to help.

Below are some of the most common residential plumbing issues:

  • Leaky faucet
  • Clogged or leaking washing machine line
  • Low water pressure
  • Leaking dishwasher
  • Clogged toilet
  • Running toilet
  • Blocked garbage disposal
  • Broken garbage disposal
  • Clogged sink drain
  • Sewage back up
  • Frozen pipes
  • Shower repair

    If you are experiencing any of these, don’t delay - call us today. We will assess your situation and provide you a customized repair or replacement consultation and project estimate.

    Tips for Unclogging Your Drains

    The Watts Plumbing team has small drain cleaning machines for small inside clogs and very large machines for those stubborn far away clogs. We take pride in knowing that when it comes to a clogged drain, that you can’t seem to break loose our techniques can. We know that your time is important, so when your residential or commercial drains become clogged, let us carry the burden for you. Our fast and reliable service will get your drains working properly again so you are free to focus your attention on things that matter most to you.

    Residential Drains
    Clear Clogged Drains In Your Home

    There are a few things in life that cannot be avoided, such as death, taxes and clogged drains. Drains become clogged in a home for several reasons; one of the most common causes is something going down the drain that doesn’t belong there. However, there are several other common causes of clogged drains. Fortunately, Watts Plumbing’s trained technicians are well-trained to clear all types of drain clogs.

    Main sewer line clog:
    Many homeowners are unaware that, in most municipalities, they are responsible for the portion of underground sewer pipe that spans between their house and the connection point at the street where the residential sewer pipe connects to the larger diameter municipal sewer pipe. This means the homeowner must bear the expense of any necessary cleaning or repairs.
    Washing machine clog:
    It’s more accurately called a “laundry drain clog,” because more often than not, the problem is in the drainpipe connected to the washing machine than in the machine itself. Over time, wet clothing lint can accumulate on the pipe walls and cause a backup that results in water spilling onto the laundry room floor when the washing machine is draining.
    Garbage disposal clog:
    Most residential garbage disposals are only designed to grind up residual scraps left on dishes after they are scraped off over a trash can. Households that depend on the garbage disposal to grind up and rinse away all dish scraps will eventually see their garbage disposal clog or jam. Starchy foods like potato peels, pasta and rice will clog a disposal and the kitchen sink drain. The same goes for bones, cooking grease and fibrous vegetables like celery.

    Commercial Drains
    Clear Clogged Drains at the Office

    When most people think of clogged drains, they picture a residential toilet or kitchen sink. The truth is that while commercial drains may not clog as frequently as residential drains, the clogs are often harder to remedy. Watts Plumbing service have the equipment and know-how to tackle any commercial or industrial-size sewer or drain clog. We can also handle any commercial grade plumbing repairs or installations.